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Adult  Jiu-Jitsu

Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and get in amazing shape! 


Are you ready to discover a powerful new martial art that promises to put you into peak physical fitness while giving you the self-defense skills of an ultimate fighter? It's all yours for the taking when you try adult Jiu-Jitsu classes at Smith Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

At Smith Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy, we've got a great team who'll give you an extreme workout that's packed with all the classic Jiu-Jitsu moves! As you take the fight to the ground in classic Jiu-Jitsu style, you'll learn how to grapple like a pro and deliver inescapable submission holds! All the while, you'll be crushing calories and building muscle for a rock-solid, head-turning body! Whether your goal is to lose weight, learn practical self-defense moves, or even become a world champion, we have the right program for you. 


We offer classes in traditional Gi and No-Gi.  We have a flexible schedule for your busy life!

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Fundamentals / All Levels Class

Starting any new sport, much less a martial art can be difficult. Our fundamentals program allows you to learn the basics in a very controlled, safe, and fun environment. The structured curriculum is designed to effectively introduce all the basic positions, techniques, submissions, and escapes. The classes will prepare you for both self-defense and sport jiu-jitsu. It will also improve your fitness, balance, and coordination. The fundamental program is designed for anyone, male or female, of any body type, fitness level, or age (13 or older).

Inter / Advance Class


This class will help you develop techniques that are essential to building a solid game in Jiu-Jitsu. Students will learn the advanced moves and positions. This is a traditional Gi class.

This class consists of drilling moves and rolling (live training).  Although it’s designed for people with more experience, we encourage beginners to do this class as well as the Fundamentals class. This class will help you improve your competition game with advanced techniques. Students will start class with a light warm-up, rolling, and working techniques towards the end of class. 

BJJ Executive Class

A solid foundation of BJJ for busy students. Basic theories coupled with self-defense, conditioning improvement with flexibility, techniques, and principles are introduced. Classes incorporate a light warm-up, 2 3 techniques are shown, several drills are performed, and positional sparring helps to develop the student's muscle memory and physical understanding of the sport.

No Gi Class

The submission grappling (No-Gi) curriculum is designed to help students apply the basic traditional Jiu-Jitsu techniques in the context of the No-Gi style. Because the classes in this curriculum presuppose a solid grasp of the principle foundation of Jiu-Jitsu.

This class consists of warm-ups, technics, drilling, and rolling (live training). This class is an excellent way to transition your Jiu-Jitsu techniques into self-defense. Students must wear shorts and rash guard to attend this class. (available in the pro shop)

Private Lesson

While group classes are the primary way most people learn and advance in jiu-jitsu, some people prefer to begin or supplement their training with private lessons. Private lessons are a great way to accelerate progression because they…READ MORE

Fundamentas Class
Inter / Advance Class
Executive Class
Private Lesson
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* Our FREE Trial Class is only available to first time Jiu-jitsu practitioners and white belts only that are county residents.

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