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Academy Rules


  1. Respect the  mat – Bow on and off, don’t wear shoes or bring food or beverages near or on the mat area.

  2. Personal hygiene is a must – Wash your body and equipment, cut your fingernails etc. Wear the proper uniform; (Smithbjj Academy Gi).

  3. Childrens – Uniform shirt or Gi and belt if applicable.

  4. Have the proper equipment – Loaner gear is for new members for a limited time only.

  5. Respect your instructor – Be on time, if late wait on the edge of the mat until recognized and approved to enter, do NOT speak when he/she is speaking, do NOT leave the mat unless excused

  6. Respect other members – Refrain from foul language and gestures, treat others as you want to be treated, do not be a bully or overly aggressive.

  7. All Children age 13 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

  8. No sparring unless an instructor is present.

  9. Any use of excessive force outside of the gym will not be tolerated. Should you use the techniques taught to you outside of the gym for anything other reason than self-defense, your membership will be terminated immediately.

  10. What happens on the mat, stays on the mat – It’s not necessary for you to talk about the guys you beat while training.  Instead focus on getting better.

  11. Have Fun!!

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