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Nathan Wagner

"When my son wanted to train Jiu Jitsu he wasn't sure what he was getting into. At his first class he was so nervous he didn't want to get onto the mat. We decided to take him back and let him watch until he was ready to get on the mat. It didn't take long. Over the last two years he has grown to love training. Our younger son now trains as well.

It's so great to see them having a great time and learning a skill that can help in so many areas of life. Coach Smith is a great instructor and a natural leader. I would recommend anyone to train at Smith BJJ because I know they would not be disappointed."

Darin Kourajian

"Fantastic BJJ training without the pressure of the MMA gyms. Great for all ages for self defense skills, getting in shape, or for tournament competition."

Randall Miles

"Family oriented, great atmosphere , best academy I've ever attended by far. Awesome kids program as well."

Robert Rimmer

"Thank You Phillip Smith for what you have done for all of us. I wake up every day less and less worried about my daughter's safety and about her getting bullied... You have changed this family's life forever... I'm a proud Dad of the SMITH BJJ Academy..."

Brian Thomason

"Not only is Phillip a high class Brazillian Jiu Jitsu black belt, but he's patient and diligent in teaching the kids Jiu Jitsu itself but perhaps even more importantly, self-respect and discipline . I highly recommend it to all parents out there. Now if only I can get my out of shape behind out there."

Michael Williamson

"I have played sports my entire life but Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has changed my life. I have leaned down by twenty five pounds while greatly increasing my cardio and overall health. It is very rare that you get a chance to learn and train with such a high caliber black belt on a daily basis like you do with Phillip Smith. Phillip has such a great understanding of the art and conveys the technique in a way that is so easy to understand and pick up. Being part of Smith BJJ also gives us access to train with multiple world champions and legends. Even better than the quality of training is the atmosphere at Smith BJJ. Everyone checks their ego at the door and is willing to share the knowledge they have collected which is hard to find at most gyms. I would highly recommend Smith's bjj to anyone, whether your wanting to compete at the highest levels or just get in better shape. We would love to have you."

Darren Senft (Chopper)

"I can't speak highly enough of Phillip Smith and Smith BJJ. After living overseas and some significant time away from BJJ, I decided to get back into BJJ and couldn't be happier to find Smith BJJ. I've learned more in the past year about my game and approach to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than I had in my previous 9 years of training.
Phillip has a wealth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu knowledge and training with him is a constant learning experience. From beginners to high level competitors Smith BJJ has a great feel with no egos and that all starts with Phillip. To have access to not only a high level Black Belt but also a genuinely nice guy on the south side of Atlanta is a luxury."

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